The Reef

Oppert 1, Rotterdam



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Het scannen van een ID, wat The Reef probeert te doen, is inderdaad in strijd is met de privacywetgeving. Mocht je ID tóch gescand zijn dan kan je hier een klacht indienen:


The Reef is veel te duur! Als die dombo's aan de deur een portiersopleiding hadden gevolgd hadden ze geweten dat je een ID niet mag scannen.


Prices are higher than other coffeeshops, for a quality that is nice but nothing TOO special.


Last night, bought a 0.6g pre-rolled joint. Complete rip off. It had virtually nothing in it.


Best location in town. The inside is decked out with an unbelievable underwater theme. Good prices, decent product. A bit more chaotic than other coffeeshops in Rotterdam - the place can get busy and the security team outside is a lot more serious about their job than others - but this energy may attract you. The best place in Rotterdam for a night smoke. Pre-rolls were sold as 0.3 or 0.6g and were spot on. Better selection of bud than most. The toilets were done out with a submarine theme but were in need of a cleaning.