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Indirizzo: Noorderstationsstraat 15, Groningen

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2.8 out of 5 stars

Basato su 15 valutazioni

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🍃 next


1 / 5


I've been going here for a few years, but the bags always seemed on the low side so I've started measuring them the past year or so. Among other things they supposedly sell more than 2gr of ww for €20,- or so they advertise. But when measured with a precision scale these bags usually only contain 1.9gr or sometimes even 1.8gr. I've mentioned it to the personnel but they pretty much told me I'm crazy. Now as far as I know I've never gotten what I payed for, cannot recommend and hereby warned. TLDR: This store is a rip-off.

🍃 juanneman


Very nice shop. You can get very nice weed and the people are friendly.

🍃 Annash


Love this place, very good service

🍃 arno


4 / 5


ik was weer naar een lange tijd in jullie zaak ! vorige week. was om te smullen . nu net weer thuis in baflo . het zelfde om te smullen en goed stoned ook . reken maar . daar kan de vlieg en de De Medley nog een puntje aan zuigen Met Vriendelijke groet arno



They ambushed me, when I went to buy some weed from the neightbourhood.



Nice place nice staff gooood weed



De shop ziet er van binnen erg mooi, netjes en professioneel uit. Het personeel is ook vrij aardig. Maar de prijzen zijn gewoon oplichting. €15 per gram voor hetzelfde wietje wat in andere shops voor €11 de deur uit gaat. En stoned word je er ook niet van.

🍃 stanvanesch


Nice people, recently renovated shops looks stunning

🍃 smoking


dit is niet de beste van Groningen . Wiet duur je krijgt weinig .



ik arno boshoven uit baflo heb vanmorgen haze gekocht ! voor 30 euro 2 van 15 normaal was dat altijd prima . ( ik vroeg hoeveel zit erin ? leek me weining. 1.20 zei hij. ( ik had al betaald ) wou van buiten de shop weer binnen lopen. het is 1.4 allebij de zakjes en ze hebben de tel. uit los dit aub op !

🍃 patrick1980


de klare jointjes zijn toch wat te duur vergeleken wat je krijg bij andere shops te grote tip erin en dat voor 3.50 verder prima shop

🍃 jointstick


Due to other shops being further away I used to go here a lot. In about 5 years very little has changed, except for the quantity of the weed. I also started weighing the bags after about a year ago, got a nice little statistic that might be usefull for some. Out of 100 visits to this shop and getting 20 euros of Sneeuwwitje, I only got 10 bags that were 2 grams or more. Do whatever you want with that info but in my book that counts as fake advertising. Service also was a bit disapointing, I am not saying I expect free papers when I buy 50 euros of weed but it would be nice, especially if you need to go to a different register to buy a pack for one or two euros. Should have stopped going there way sooner if I weren't so damn lazy.

🍃 johnny11


Small bags high prices

🍃 kutrutte


Tja..... Kweenie... Gewoontjes

🍃 the glory


Best in town


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