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  • bubblegum

    3,3 out of 5 stars

    51 valutazione

    marchio del negozio

  • amnesia haze

    3,8 out of 5 stars

    23 valutazione

    marchio del negozio

  • power plant

    3,1 out of 5 stars

    7 valutazione

    marchio del negozio

  • k2



    3,2 out of 5 stars

    10 valutazione

    marchio del negozio

  • super skunk

    3,4 out of 5 stars

    25 valutazione

    marchio del negozio


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Indirizzo: Noorderhagen 5, Enschede

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2.7 out of 5 stars

Sulla base di 10 recensioni

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Recensione Miami

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Recent reviews

🍃 interpener


∙ Staff is friendly. ∙ Pre-packed. ∙ Under a microscope: Average.

🍃 bardinhio


Slechte shop je krijg minder voor je geld dan er vermeld.staat. bijv ipv 1 gram krijg je maar 0,8



vroeger een goede coffeeshop, totdat ze met het geniale idee kwamen om iedereen op te lichten. gelukkig hadden meerdere mensen dit door en nu komt er niemand meer! haha heerlijk #revenge

🍃 romee


1 / 5


fucking slechte joints, je kunt er 10 roken en je voelt nog niks. slecht spul

🍃 Noukjj_0570


Goede hia! 5 grams aanbieding: 45 euro. Meerdere keren nagewogen, ze zitten nooit onder het aantal bestelde gram.



The weed is not bad, neither are the prices. However, overall a very bad coffee shop. I have come here over 5 years but they treat you like you are indispensable. Some employees are friendly but others are the complete opposite, the very rude and unfriendly. One of the employees looks seriously tired of life. To the owner, please give them a break.. and treat your regulars better. Never coming here again.



Fijne shop nog geen klachten over. En vooral de bubble gum is een goed wietje daar. Ik hoef bij deze shop niks na te wegen krijgt meestal te veel voor het geld maar nooit eronder

🍃 pruchol


Definition of average. The weed is not best but good for the money. Especially the k2, it tastes awful but it hits hard. Other shops nearby have Dodgy reputation but this one is legit.

🍃 dutchsmoker


Weed 7,5/10 - Prices are pretty good - Nice place to chill and sit down and smoke - I would suggest this coffee shop it's quite good.



Friendly staff, prices average, quality okay, i've had better weed but i've had alot worse weed too. Place looked Nice to chill but we were in a rush, didnt have to wait in line, place was Not crowded.


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